Osteoporosis Treatment Options

 Osteoporosis’s skeletal system disease which means brittle/porous bones. There’re millions of sufferers of this type of affliction. When u’ve this co-ndition – u’re prone to fractures of bones particularly in hips – spine – knee & fore-arm. If u suffer hip fracture – there’s chance to’ve another 1 within year. You may be afflicted no matter _WHAT_ your age is. Most often – older people’re ones experiencing this dis-ease.

Important risk factors to consider for osteoporosis sedentary lifestyle – menopausal status – glucocorticoid – past history of fracture – advanced age – inflammatory arthritis – too much alcohol & other medical co-nditions leading to secondary loss of bone density. When u’ve osteoporosis – some of signs’re height loss – stooped posture & curved back due to collapsed vertebrae. There’s too much discomfort & back pain.

As of now – there’s no available cure for osteoporosis. However – there’re some prescriptive drugs _WHICH_ include bisphosphonates – estrogens – parathyroid hormones – anti-resorptive / bone-forming agents. One of them’s Alendronate _WHICH_’s approved medicine. It reduces bone loss – increases bone density & lowers risk of spine – hip & wrist fractures. Another drug’s Fosamax. It’s approved for treatment of corticosteroid osteoporosis.

If u prefer some alternative treatments – u should be aware of effective herbs – vitamins – minerals – anti-oxidants & nutrients to enhance bone metabolism. Some of these’re Vitamin K & Vitamin D. Patients taking these vitamins less bone loss after three years of monitoring. You may get Vitamin K1 in vegetable oils & soybeans while K2′s available in meat – cheese & fermented products like natto from soybeans. But it’s _NOT_ advisable to take Vitamin K with warfarin. A trace mineral is effective in treating osteoporosis’s Strontium _WHICH_’s component of human bone. It’s found in whole grains – parsley – fish & Brazil nuts to name few.

You may pre-vent osteoporosis by building strong bones thru healthy & balanced lifestyle – bone density examination – weight training – Calcium & Vitamin D rich diet.

When it comes to hormone therapy to treat osteoporosis – estrogens without progestin’s used to treat women in the menopausal stage who do not have a uterus anymore. In some cases – estrogens & progestin combined for treatment. Estrogens replacement therapy may reduce bone loss. On the other hand – testosterone shots – gel / patches’re used to treat men.

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