Osteoporosis Physical Therapy

For long time now beetroot has been able to make up for de-ficiencies in nutrition & co-mpensate for poor eating habits. Many health benefits’ve been found including its anti-ageing value by maintaining healthy skin – nails – hair – & bones. Our Canada pharmacy recommends having beets regularly to maintain healthy bones & thereby avoid osteoporosis. The nutritional value of beetroot has never been denied – but it’s interesting to know how exactly healthy bones may be sustained.

Beetroot Contains Nutrients That Build & Strengthen Bones

Some nutrients co-ntained in beets include vitamin C – folate – co-pper – magnesium – & manganese – all necessary supplements – help in building & strengthening bones. The protein collagen necessary to sustain cartilage & healthy bones which’s built up by vitamin C contained in beetroot. Similarly – folate’s vitamin B co-mplex – grows tissue. Copper co-ntains enzymes producing proteins for proper growth of tissue & to strengthen joints. Magnesium works with calcium in producing hydrochloric acid required for adequate digestion. To establish right synthesis of co-nnective tissue found in bones & cartilage – manganese’s required.

Reduce Stress with Beets

Neurotransmitters in the brain’re responsible for regulating responses to different emotions. The Canada pharmacy points out imbalance invariably leads to stress capable of inducing several negative changes causing osteoporosis. These changes may be physiological & may co-nnect with emotional responses creating behavioural dis-tortions including changes in sleep habits – exercise – eating – & drinking. Once osteoporosis sets in – medical co-ndition leads to more anxiety & de-pression causing stress.

Phytonutrients Found In Beets Remove Body Toxins

Betaine found in beets’s phytonutrient producing bile in liver responsible for dilation of food & absorbing necessary nutrients. By increasing intake of beets – body produces more bile _WHICH_ helps remove fat-soluble toxins. When liver functions @ its optimal level – bones remain healthy & strong.

Women buy Actonel to pre-vent & treat postmenopausal osteoporosis. Normal liver function enhanced with betaine-induced bile helps in acidifying pre-scription drug. Kidneys & liver remove toxins as matter of routine. As hormonal changes take place during menopause – for example – increased bile does help in pre-venting excess load on kidneys & liver while de-toxifying body.

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